Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform – SFC /Scannow Error Message

The computer crashing and failing to run certain functions is not uncommon. In such a situation, the user with basic technical knowledge goes for the SFC scan now command tool. It is also known as the system file checker. The command is used to check any corruption or inconsistency and damages within the system files. Once the problem is found, the SFC fixes the issue automatically. Thus, the problem is solved.

However, often users complain about a glitch with SFC which is windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation. In case the error occurs, the SFC will not be able to fix the error and the trouble with crashing and failing will continue.

However, this error can be sorted easily through a variety of solutions. This article has a detailed guide to the different ways in which you can solve the window resource protection could not perform error. Once you master the techniques, you can make sure the lagging and crashing of the device are minimized. Hence, the overall speed of your device will also increase and you will be able to perform all types of tasks with much more ease.

What Is the Cause Behind the Window Resource Protection SFC Scan Error? 

There can be several reasons behind the windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation error. Though Microsoft has not come up with any specific reason but users have observed several patterns to conclude the following reasons behind the issue:

  • There may be something that is preventing or conflicting with the SFC scan. As a result, it is unable to complete the scan.
  • The problem also occurs because of a Windows server error.
  • When the SFC Windows resource protection cannot perform due to a malfunction, the problem may arise too.

The gist of the problem is the windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation. This happens either when there is an error with the SFC utility tool or a problem with the disk which prevents the operation. Either way, you can solve the problem by following the steps shared below.

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5 Solutions to Fix the “Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform The Requested Operation” SFC Scannow Error Message

It is quite common to find an error while you try to operate your SFC scan now.  You may go on trying to run the program but an error message will pop up every time on the window. In such a scenario you should always keep these tricks up in your sleeve to solve the problem by yourself.

1. Make Your SFC Scanner Run In Safe Mode

windows resource protection could not perform

Running the SFC scanner in safe mode is one of the prime solutions to operate your scanner. Follow this step to reach the Safe mode option.

    • Go to the preinstalled web browser on your computer and type MSConfig. Press the enter button from your keyboard and you will be directed to the system configuration window.
    • Once the page is open you will find the General tab option on the top of the screen. Besides the general tab, another option name boot tag is located press on the tab.
    • Now navigate through the box under the boot option and press safe boot.
    • After you make sure there is a check beside minimal press the okay button.
    • Now reboot your computer by restarting it.

2. Scan Your Hardware With a CHKDSK

windows resource protection could not perform

First and foremost, you need to make sure your hardware is working fine. To do that run the CHKDSK for your hardware to check on any underlying problems. As if your disk is damaged or has malware files it is most likely the reason why your window resource is showing an SFC error message. Here are the steps to operate CHKDSK on your window 10.

  • Go to your browser and type command Prompt on the search bar and press enter.
  • Run your command Prompt as an administration by right click on it.
  • Now type chkdskC:/r” in your command prompt and press enter. Also, replace the C with the drive-by permitting your chkdsk.
  •  Press the Y button to confirm that you want to run the scan after your computer restarts.
  • Restart your computer.

3. Window Module Installer Should Be Enabled

windows resource protection could not perform

This tool is important as its main function is to check the window update before it installs automatically on your computer. If your window module installer is disabled or inactive for some reason it is likely the reason why your SFC scanner is not functioning properly. Here is the way to fix that problem.

  • First, open the Run Dialogue box by pressing on the Windows key + R on your keyboard.
  • In your run Dialogue box type services. msc and press okay.
  • You will be directed to a webpage where you will find Windows Module Installer in the list and right-click and start it from the list.

After following these steps try to run the SFC Scan now command tool.

4. Check on Modifying The WinSXS Folder Security Descriptors

If your SFC scanner is unable to get access to this file it will surely show the error message. As the WinSXS file is stored, the window system files and update the SFC needs to have access to these files. To rectify this situation, follow these simple steps.

  • Type Command Prompt in your computer search bar.
  • Run the Command Prompt tool as an administrator by right-clicking on it.
  • Type IACLS C:\Windows\winsxs and press enter.
  • Now reboot your computer to make the changes happen.

  Run the SFC scan again after you made these changes.

5. Switch To Window Recovery Mode 

If your latest boot version is updated and you are still getting an error message from the SFC scan switch your window to recovery mode. Here are the steps to how you can do it.

  • Restart your computer using the power option.
  • When your computer restarts press F11 during its boot sequence so enter the recovery mode.
  • Use the command prompt and hit enter once you are in recovery mode.
  • Type sf/ScANNOW/OFFBOOTDIR=C:\ /OFFWINDIr=c:\windows press enter.

Once you follow the above step exit the recovery mode and reboot your computer.

The overall repair and relevant solutions are easy to implement but call for minimum knowledge of the technicalities. For all users who are new to such settings, these can be rather tricky to handle. Moreover, if the windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation is not solved after this, the computer will continue to crash. We have shared a further solution to handle such a situation.

6. Still Not Working? Run An Automatic Repair or Complete a Fresh Install of Windows

Often the users complain that the windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation even after all the steps to solve the issue has been performed. In such a situation running the automatic repair is the only option available. For Windows 10 users, the following are the steps that are to be performed to successfully complete the automatic repair:

  • First and foremost, you need the windows 10 bootable installation disk. You can also create a Microsoft media creation tool on a blank disk or a blank USB flash drive as well for the same purpose.
  • Next, you need to launch the Microsoft media installation disk. Instead of opting for installing windows, you need to choose the “Repair your computer” option. This appears at the bottom left corner of the Windows setup window.
  • From the next window choose the troubleshoot option, followed by the advanced option.
  • Next, run the startup repair that is available in the advanced options screen and wait till the process has been completed.
  • Restart the computer after the repair is done and then check if the windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation has been resolved.

Usually, the problem is solved after this. In case the trouble persists, you may have to take professional help. This lets you ensure that none of the steps has been missed and the trouble is sorted absolutely.


The windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation is major trouble especially for users who are relatively new to the technical aspects of their devices. But with all these solutions at hand, you can easily perform the troubleshooting as required. The users can follow the instructions shared above and ensure their device is up and running once more. Now that you have a clear idea about the required solutions, you can quickly solve the problems in no time. Waiting for professionals to turn up and sort the issue will no longer be a problem when you have a thorough idea about the possible solutions.

The problem is quite frustrating at times undoubtedly, and the last resort is to freshly install windows. However, this is an extreme situation and usually, the problem gets sorted before you have to resort to this option at all.

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