Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? As the technology has evolved, the social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, etc are used by millions of users all across the globe. They offer social communications and sharing of information on a large scale. Currently, Facebook has the largest social network among all the social networking sites. It is an open platform where the users can share their pictures, music, videos, thoughts, opinions along with their connections. It is in short, the best way to remain in touch with your friends and relatives.

Despite having numerous positive effects, it has some negatively associated drawbacks that you should consider. Stalking is the most common mishap that comes into the picture. People especially you enemies, the ones you envy or the strangers can get access to your details and pictures through Facebook. They can hence, misuse your information against you that invades your privacy.

This happens due to the existence of infinite fake accounts created to hinder one’s privacy. As of now, several fraudulent cases are being reported that ultimately lead to the financial crisis or the life of the person. To avoid such a situation, the users ask for a feature to know how to see who viewed my facebook profile. Sadly, there is no such option available within the platform. But you could know more about your Facebook account. Scroll and read the article below to get them. 

Apps That Claim To Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile:

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have any in-built application that lets you know “who viewed my Facebook profile”. Taking this as an opportunity, several third-party applications misuse this feature’s unavailability and claim the user to see who views your Facebook.

The users being curious to know “how to see who viewed your Facebook” often use such applications. Installing any third-party applications of software on your device is very dangerous. They are pretty influencing and attract the users towards them. Having such applications on your device may have a high potential to land you in trouble. These applications are capable enough to risk your privacy and security at stake. However, if you have any such applications on your device, we would highly recommend you remove them. 

Whenever a user signs in to the application through their Facebook account’s ID and password, the developers behind the application take away access to your account. They can now operate your account unknowingly and can control the settings of your account. This may sound strange that despite being dangerous applications, why they are increasing day by day? The developers find it convenient to get access to the user’s data and personal details due to which they develop multiple applications to achieve their goal. The other reasons are as follows-

  • Selling the user’s preferences to advertising companies is the main motive of the developers. They earn profit from the companies through the user’s activities on their account.
  • These applications are the primary source for the developers to use your Facebook account for their personal use.
  • You might have encountered numerous Facebook advertisements on your feed. Whenever you shop anything from these advertisements, your billing details are saved into your account. Having access to your account means the stranger can access your card details as well. Stealing other sensitive data may eventually lead to a huge loss. 
  • The applications also consist of malware, trojans, and other viruses that can harm your device internally.

What Can You See About Your Account On Facebook: 

Fortunately, this is not very disappointing if you cannot see who viewed my Facebook profile. Facebook still has a lot many options and features you can toggle and play around with. An account is associated with many features used by a person to know more about their Facebook account. They can review their activities with the help of all the native tools available on the home page of the account. Let us now discuss the options you can use to access different parts of your account.

See Your Friendship

who viewed my facebook profile


The “see friendship” feature of your Facebook account allows you to view all the interactions you have made with your old and new friends. To view the interaction with a specific person, visit the friend’s profile and you can check it from their profile. For this, all you need to do is to click on the 3 dots available at the top-right corner of your screen. From the drop-down menu, select the see friendship option. You can now review all the details regarding your friends. The time for how long you have been friends with each other, your photos together, the posts you are tagged in, and many more. 

Activity Log

who viewed my facebook profile

You have the benefit to check your entire activity log on your Facebook profile. You can see the interactions you’ve done with your friends, all the searches you’ve made, newly added friends, your likes and reactions on the post, and so on. It also allows you to check about how long you have been using the application and your average time activity as well. To check it, click on the three dots icon in the drop-down menu, and select “Activity Log” as shown in the image. 

People Who Viewed Your Facebook Pages

If you run an online business via Facebook pages, then you have the best opportunity to check the reach of your business page using the insight feature. You can see the likes, views, and actions your page has got. This feature is not available on your Facebook profile. To check it, you need to go to your Facebook page. You will find multiple options on the left side of the page. Click on “Insight” and this will display the complete analysis of your Facebook page.

Review Your Timeline

who viewed my facebook profile

Your timeline includes all the activities you have done so far. It has all the information related to the post you are tagged in, the posts your friends added to your timeline, and even the interactions you have with your friends over some time. Reviewing your timeline can help you understand your friends better.

Active People

Your account has an in-built feature that lets you view the friends who are online at the moment. This activity is indicated by a green dot mark below your friend’s profile picture. 

For this, you can either use the messenger application or can review it from the home page of your account.

Logged Information

Logged information is a feature within your Facebook account. It holds a record of all your login activities and details associated with it. It is the history of your log-in sessions. Using your activity log, you can manage the posts your share, posts you’ve liked so far, applications or people you have searched so far, and so on. To open this, go to the menu bar, select the System and settings option, and click on the “Activity log” feature. 


The preferences section keeps a track of all the posts you’ve encountered till now. They categorize these posts and searches and then combine them with your preferences. The ones with whom you have interacted a lot will fall under your preferences section. 

See Who Viewed Your Facebook Pages:

Facebook pages are the places where the users such as artists, business owners, enterprises, brands, and different organizations promote their business. What’s the big deal if you are unable to know how to see who viewed your Facebook, still there are plenty of other things you can know about your Facebook pages if any. The most important feature out of them is who can keep a track of the number of users who viewed your pages. Whenever a user makes any activity on your page, you are notified every time it happens. 

To do such a task, Facebook has a feature called “Insights”. The option is located at the top-right corner of the home page. It holds the complete history and other records related to your Facebook page. You can view the details such as the number of likes or comments on a post, the reach, number of followers, and the overall engagement on your page. Besides this, the feature has many more data entries that help you to analyze the performance of how interactive your page is with the audience. Some of them are as follows-

  • Likes- The like feature displays all the number of likes your page has received. You can also view the number of likes received by each of your ads individually. 
  • Views- It displays the number of people who visited your page and viewed its content.
  • Reach- It shows the number of people who have seen your page at least once. It only has the count of the users and not the identity.
  • Page Preview- This option indicates the number of people who hovered over the links available on your page to view the page preview content.
  • Action- It shows the number of people who took an action by visiting the websites mentioned on your page.

Facebook page owners can not see the identity of the users who viewed their pages but can see the numbers using demographics. It is a virtual representation of the activities done by the viewers. It gives you a rough idea about how your age is responding and its usefulness to the viewers as well. 

The following image is an example of what the data analysis of your Facebook page looks like. It displays the information based on the country, gender, interests, and other factors associated with the readers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let us now discuss some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to see who viewed your Facebook profile. 

How to add security to my Facebook account to keep it safe from hackers?

Securing your Facebook profile to restrict hackers and outsiders to access your profile is a must-to-do process. To have the extra security of your account, it is recommended to set a strong password for your profile. The password must be a strong combination of upper case, lower case, special characters, and alphanumeric characters as well. Additionally, you can add 2-factor authentication security to your profile. It is a feature that notifies you every time your account is logged in on an unrecognized device. A stranger will no longer be able to access your account without your consent.

Can I disable my Facebook account temporarily?

Yes, you can disable or deactivate your Facebook account temporarily. Thus, you can take a short break from your social media and can return anytime you wish to. Here are the steps to deactivate your Facebook account.

  • Go to the main page of your Facebook profile and click on the drop-down menu button.
  • Now select the Settings and Privacy option and go to the settings menu.
  • From the left-hand column of your page, click on your Facebook information option.
  • Click on the Privacy option and then go to your Facebook information. 
  • Click on the deactivate account feature, proceed using the continue option and follow the on-screen steps to deactivate your account.

Is there any way through which I can determine who viewed my Facebook profile?

As mentioned above, there is no such application from Facebook itself to let you see who views your Facebook. Instead, there are some other ways through which you can identify it. The methods are as follows-

  • Use the iOS applications
  • Through google chrome extension
  • Manually searching out for who viewed my Facebook

Final Verdict

Protecting your social media accounts from hackers is a crucial step. It is related to your privacy and security in various ways. Limiting access to your account can be the greedy approach you can follow by having a strong password. Also, regularly monitoring your account is equally important. Hopefully, you have now got a clear idea of how to see who viewed your Facebook profile.

Facebook already has some inbuilt security features for iOS users. The Android users can have patience until they get the same features too. If you encounter any third-party application that claims to let you know who viewed my Facebook profile, you must back out from that stage for sure. Never sign up from your Facebook account to any unknown link as it may disclose your account details and other sensitive data. All last, in case you have any queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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