How To Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing

The location-sharing services of the Apple devices are a lot more convenient especially for those who misplace their devices more often. The users can explore the corners without wandering around the streets till you get the right location. A majority of the user’s device location is accessible to their family, friends and relatives. However, some toxic parents and relatives can take a benefit from this feature by keeping an eye on your location constantly. This means they invade your privacy by checking up on you all the time. It is so inconvenient when you are under constant supervision. If you are worried about the other person watching down all your activities, you last known and the current location, then you must learn how to stop sharing location without them knowing. 

Apple products has an in-built location sharing feature where we can select the list of people or contacts to share the location with. This even helps to search for the missing devices. If you find it inconvenient, you can refer to the below sections to know how to stop sharing location on iphone without them knowing. 

The below sections has all the relevant methods you can try out to hide yourself from the prying eyes starred up on you. 

How To Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing? 

We have several methods and working ways to answer “how to stop sharing location without them knowing”. There lie different techniques through which you can disable your location from your friends and family. Thus, your contacts will no longer be able to get your location or can track you without your consent. 

In this guide, we have mentioned 6 working methods that will help you to stop sharing locations without notifying imessage. You can follow the relevant methods as per your current situation. Just follow the simple steps below each method and get your job done right away. 

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The methods are as follows-

Method1: Put Your Device on Airplane Mode

This is the easiest and most handy method that you can follow to hide your location. At times, when you do not want to get connected with any of your contacts, do not want to attend the calls and the messages, then you can use this method to make relevant changes. This method will disable the auto-connect feature of your device as well. Turning on the Airplane mode is the first method we will study about. Enabling this option will restrict your device from connecting with other nearby devices.

When your device’s airplane mode is enabled, all the other network connections such as the cellular data, Wifi, GPS, etc are turned off automatically. This will completely cut off your device’s location. 

iPhone has a feature that detects the last location of the user. So if you are an iPhone user, remember to turn on the airplane mode before reaching the final destination. This way your last location will be anonymous. Turning on the Wifi connection will no longer be able to hide your location as your contacts can get your location using the Find my Friends feature. Hence, this method is reliable for a shorter duration of inactivity where you can disable your phone’s connection.

Here’s How You Can Turn on Your Device’s Airplane Mode-

  • Slide down the notification bar of your device, you will see a logo of an airplane displayed on the screen. 
  • Tap on the logo to turn on the airplane to stop sharing location without them knowing
  • Also, you can do this from the settings of your device. From your home screen, click on settings, now you will see the airplane mode option on the top. how to stop sharing location without them knowing
  • Toggle the icon towards the right to turn on the airplane mode. 
  • By default, the airplane mode is switched off.
  • Once you are ready to share the location of your device, you can disable the airplane mode in the same way.

Method2: Use a Different iOS Device to Change Your Device’s Location

If you want to stay anonymous for a longer duration, then you should skip the first method. This method will be the best suitable one for you to know how to stop sharing locations without notification. The method is all about using another iOS device and making its location your device’s primary location. Here all you need is just 2 different iOS devices to follow this procedure. The process involves sharing your primary device’s location using another iOS device situated at a particular stationary location. Your home or your work’s location will best suit the stationary location mentioned here. If someone tries to look for your location, the location of your secondary device will come into action. You can use an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPad touch as your secondary device. 

how to stop sharing location without them knowing

Here Are The Steps That one Needs To Follow To Make It Work-

  • First of all, unlock your main device that is your iPhone, and open your profile.
  • Now find out the option called “share my location” and enable it by toggling the ON button.
  • Now, enable the “share my location” on your secondary device. Either Ipad or any other IOS device that won’t bother.
  •  After this, locate the “find my” application on the secondary device where you will set the location of your main device. The location for your secondary device will be the one you want your device to be located at.
  • Now you have to scroll down the list of people who are available to share your location with. Select the list and click on the option to share your location.

You have now successfully altered your device’s location. Now, once you are done with your work, you can now reset the location of your device back to its original one. 

The only and the main disadvantage of this method is that you cannot hide your location from your Family sharing members. 

Apple provides an in-built feature for its users where the family members can help each other to locate their devices, in case they lose them. So, if they open the “find my” feature and you are trying to hide your location, you will be caught. They will get to know the exact location of your device. So, to achieve this, you need to skip to other methods. 

#Method3: Turn Your iOS Device’s Share My Location Feature Off

To cover up the disadvantage of the last method, we have another interesting way to learn how to turn off location without the other person knowing. If you want to hide your location from your friends and family, then turning off the “share my location” feature of your device will be helpful. Turning off this feature does not notify the person you are connected with. The Imessage feature gets automatically disabled along with it. After disabling it, your friends and family members will no longer be able to identify your current location. Your location will now be invisible to them. It sounds interesting, right? Let’s discuss the steps involved in this process-

how to stop sharing location without them knowing

  • Open Settings of your device and go through the entire list. Navigate the privacy option in the list and click on it to open.
  • From the menu of the privacy list, click on the Location services and click on settings.
  • Now, under the location services click on the “share my location” option.
  • Once you find that option, toggle on the button to enable the feature.

This way, you will be able to hide your location from your friends and family members. After you are ready to share the location again, all you need to do is to just perform the steps in the reverse order to enable the feature again. All the people added to the “find my” list will not be able to locate you. But your last known location will still be displayed under the option along with the timestamp. 

#Method4: Stop Sharing The Location On Find My App

 iOS devices come within an in-built feature called “find my app” that allows users to locate the devices of their friends or family members. The feature can be both enabled or disabled as per the user’s requirements. When the feature is turned on, your device’s location can easily be shared with nearby iOS devices. Finding lost devices is such a hassle-free process using this feature. Alternatively, if you do not want to share your location with your contacts, you can turn it OFF. 

Wondering how to stop sharing location without them knowing through this method? We have the steps right away to guide you.

  • Open your IOS device, and locate the “find my” app option under the heads. The feature is pre-installed on your IOS device version IOS 13 or more. So, you do not need to worry to search for this option. Users having versions older than iOS 13, will need to download and install it on their respective IOS devices.
  • Under the feature, you will see an icon named “Me” which is located at the bottom corner of the screen. Tap on that icon saying the feature. There is a toggle button located next to the feature. Toggle it to switch it off.
  • Now you have to select the members mentioned in the “People” list. It includes a list of your friends and family out of which you can select the ones to stop sharing the location with.
  • You can do this with individual members also. Now you will see multiple options, out of which select the tab called “Stop sharing my location”.

#Method5: Hide Your Location from iMessage Contacts

iMessage application also supports the location-sharing feature. The users can easily share their location with their contacts using the iMessage application support. If you are already sharing your location and want to disable it, the steps involve just 3 simple clicks. But the disadvantage of using this method is that it notifies your contact that you have stopped sharing your location with them. It isn’t a convenient one right! 

Following are the steps to stop sharing location iPhones without notification. 

  • Start your device and open the messaging application on it.
  • Select the contacts from whom you want to stop sharing your location. Open the person’s chat individually.
  • Click on the info icon located at the top-right corner of the screen. It displays the basic details of this contact.
  • The info icon has two options available. Either start sharing your location or stop sharing the location.
  • Click on the stop sharing option and you are done.
  • Once you feel you are comfortable sharing your location again, you can click on the second option to start sharing your location.
  • Select the duration for which you want to share your location. Either take it indefinitely or share it for the entire day or for an hour.

#Method6: Hide Your iPhone Location Completely

The last and the most greedy approach to preventing your location sharing is by switching off your device completely. Turning off your device will disable all the operating features and will no further remain active. It will not even notify your contacts that your device has stopped sharing its location. Thus, there will be no location broadcasting of your device and you will stay completely unidentified.

  • To turn off your device, long press and hold the power button of your device located on the right side of the device and the volume button simultaneously.
  • Now, slide the power button to the right side of the screen.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that the company can still get access to your location. Law enforcement can also access your location in conditions where the user claims a warranty or in case of any emergency situations. 

The company has various devices that let them detect the signals emitted from your device. Moreover, Google also has a record of your location through various tasks such as when you capture images or videos. Sharing the media with any of your contacts will let them see your location. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get to know if someone is tracking my device?

Unfortunately, iPhone has no such feature that allows you to know if someone is tracking your device. We strongly advise that you should not use any public wifi or internet connection to prevent your device from getting tracked. The hackers try to access your device using the public network connection. Whenever you connect to it, they get access to your device remotely. Any third-party application which is not privately protected can also lead to the disclosure of your personal information.

How can I know how many times an individual has viewed my location?

You cannot view the count of individuals viewing your location. Your location is shred using the link address you share it with the designated person. You can view it multiple times. However, if you wish to stop sharing your location, the chain can be broken using the link you have shared. Just turn it off and it’s done. 

How can I track my device if it is lost?

You can find your lost device using the Find my network available on your device. Enable the feature on your device. Once enabled, apple reports to you that you can know the location of your device within 24 hours. If the option is already enabled on your device, it will be visible under the additional settings option. Also, after you have upgraded to iOS 15, the option gets automatically enabled on your device.

What is a GPS Spoofer?

GPS Spoofer is an application and a combination of different unique technologies that allow the user to alter their device’s location. They are capable enough to spoof your location at high levels. It can show that the user is walking down the street whereas, he might be chilling at his home. So, you can use such applications to fake your current location and no one will be able to find out. 

Final Verdict

Hiding your location is no longer a big deal. You just need to pick a suitable method, follow the steps involved in it and your location will now be able to stay anonymous from all your friends, family, and contacts. We have mentioned some of the best working methods that are reliable and handy at the same time. Every method is used according to the relevant situations. All the methods can be used on different occasions. Hopefully, these methods have helped you to know how to stop sharing locations on iPhone without them knowing. Follow the steps correctly and hide your location from your contacts. In case you have any queries, drop them in the comment section below.

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