How To Get Sound From A Monitor Without Speakers

Are you a gamer? Or the one who loves to listen to their favorite music at high volume. If you ought to be one of them, then you will surely have a question of how to get sound from a monitor without speakers? Connecting your monitor to your gaming console is the appropriate way to get high-quality sound without using the in-built speakers. 

Some of the latest monitors are designed without the in-built speakers. To get the sound with amazing quality, your should connect your device with a different speaker or an external speaker. To solve this issue, we have several techniques and ways that help you to connect your monitor with an external speaker. 

It is nearly impossible to connect an output audio jack with your monitor to receive the signal. But if you are using a gaming console, you must need an intense sound system to enjoy it. 

Having no audio output jack can make the condition even worse. In such a scenario, you should know the ways through which you can get audio with an external speaker. 

Check if your monitor has an audio input port to verify that your monitor has in-built speakers. Along with it, keep a check that the display of your device has an output port to connect portable earphones or headphones. 

To know the ways to connect your monitor with an external speaker, read the ways given below.

Things To Consider With Your Monitor:

Learning how to get sound on a monitor without speakers? It is so easy. But before that, there are some things to consider with your monitor. 

These things are crucial to ensure that the techniques to connect your monitor with an external speaker works fine. 

The things to be remembered are as follows-

  • Display Port
  • HDMI
  • VGA/DVI Audio Line in

Both of the first two options are easy to get connected with your monitor. But to connect it with the VGA/DVI line, use an extra 3.5 mm cable along with it.

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How To Enable And Use Inbuilt Speakers On Your Monitor? 

Do monitors have speakers? The answer is Yes.

Some of the monitors and PCs have in-built speakers that ensure the best sound quality. To enable and use the in-built speakers you should make check that your device must have an audio interface attached to it. Without this audio interface, you will not be able to get the sound emitted from the speakers. The latest monitors have an in-built sound card attached to the motherboard so that you do not need any external circuitry to get the sound. To enable and use the in-built speakers on your monitor, you should follow the basic simple steps given below. They will help you to carry out the process within a couple of minutes. The steps are as follows-

  • Right-click on the volume key tray of your device and go to the Playback devices option.
  • The option has a drop-down menu from where you can select the desired options.
  • Click on the Speakers button and pick it up.
  • Set the Speaker’s display to the default value and add it to the screen menu bar.
  • Now, if you have numerous connected devices, there is a possibility that your monitor could not figure out the speakers. To avoid this issue, you must set the value as default speakers for your display. 
  • Now click on the Setup button and then click on the Test to Test option as soon as the integrated speaker starts functioning.

Best Ways To Get Sound From Monitor Without Speakers [inbuilt Audio] 

Struggling with how to get sound from a monitor without speakers? We have got your back. Whenever you want to connect external devices, let’s say your PS5 or any such device, you will need a strong sound bass to have an immense gaming experience. So, how to get sound out of a monitor without speakers is what we will be discussing in this section. Here we have 6 different ways or techniques through which you can connect external speakers from your monitor to receive the sound. 

#1. Use an HDMI Audio Extractor

An HDMI audio extractor is one way to connect your device to external speakers. It uses an HDMI cable to pull out the audio from the extractor. Any audio device can be connected to the extractor such as the speakers, soundbar, sound system, etc. but, in order to work, the device must have an HDMI output port. The source here will be the external device you are connecting your monitor with. 

Also, if you wish to connect multiple devices, you can use an HDMI switcher in between them. 

Here are the steps to connect the audio extractor to your monitor to enable the audio.

  • The first thing to make sure of is that all your devices must have the latest sound drivers installed.
  • From the list, right-click on the output device and then select the appropriate audio output through the external speaker.
  • If you are using connecting multiple devices with it, kindly use an HDMI splitter to connect the ports and then enable the sound.
  • In case you do not receive any output at the external speaker, restart your device and it will enable the outgoing sound.

#2. Use the 3.5 mm output on the Monitor-

For all the users whose monitor has an output port of around 3.5mm, they can connect the monitor using the external speakers. You can even connect those two speakers using the left or right channel with the help of an audio splitter cable. 

The steps for this process are as follows-

  • First of all, arrange two male-to-male audio cables to connect it to the monitor. You should also get an audio splitter to use in the process.
  • Now connect the 3.5 mm cables to the speakers directly to enable the to get sound from a monitor without speakers
  • Connect the 3.5 cables at the end of the female splitter to make that work.
  • After this, connect the male end of the splitter to the monitor. 
  • That’s it. The process was this short. You can follow these steps to get sound from your monitor without the in-built speaker.

how to get sound from a monitor without speakers

#3. Using The Optical Out The Connection

Gamers using consoles such as Xbox and PS4 may have an urge to use the optical audio out connection from the monitors either to their speakers or to another audio device. 

This connection is made a standard connection for the transmission of high-quality digital audio without undergoing any analog conversion process. 

Now, if you choose this optical out connection, follow the below steps to achieve this. 

  • The first step is to connect your monitor with the optical cable.
  • Now, make a connection between the end of the optical cable to an optically enabled device. Later on, connect the optical cable with a receiver in case you have a large sound system to boost up your sound to get sound from a monitor without speakers
  • You can now connect your headphones or earphones to the optical device and can enjoy the high base sound volume.

#4. Use Composite Cables

The AV multi-port cables do have in-built video connectivity and radio audio channels. This is one of the best composite cables that tend to provide standard high-quality video and audio content to the users. The cable does not offer HD-quality videos thus, you cannot view HD content with this.

The console does have a standard AV multi-port output port to receive output videos and audio.

For this, just connect the cable to your console and afterward connect the speakers using different L/R audio channels. 

#5. Use Component on RGB Cables

The alternative way to connect your monitor to the speakers is by using the component cable. With component cables, you have the option to move onto High-definition quality. Using these cables, the audio gets transferred within left and right connections. The steps to use this component cable are as follows-

  • Connect the component cable using the AV multi-out through the console.
  • After this, connect the speakers through both L and R channels.
  • With the composite cables, check if your speaker has a 3.5 jack, then use a 3.5 mm cable. For the users having earphones, use a 3.5 mm stereo coupler.
  • Now make relevant changes in the console’s audio settings so that the sound gets output through the input audio connectors.
  • Now your system is ready with the speakers. 

#6. Connect Speakers Wirelessly

Bluetooth has been the major innovation in wireless technology. This makes it possible for the users to get the sound from their system. Wireless speakers have also come into existence. They allow the users to get the speakers that work on the principle of radiofrequency waves. To get high-quality sound with the speakers wirelessly, you need to have good wireless speakers.

If in case your computer or your monitor does not have an in-built Bluetooth, you can get yourself a USB to Bluetooth cable if and only if your device has a USB port. Thus your device will now transform into a Bluetooth-enabled device. Get the USB to Bluetooth cable and install it on your device easily. Here’s how you can pair a Bluetooth device with your monitor. 

  • Turn on your Bluetooth device and make sure you know its name. Afterward, the device will show that its processing is ready to be paired.
  • Now on your monitor, go to Start, then Settings, Devices, then Bluetooth, and other devices. 
  • Now, select add Bluetooth or any other device and then finally click on the Bluetooth option.
  • Select the Bluetooth device and then follow the on-screen instructions and click on Done. 
  • Afterward, the device should be connected automatically to your monitor. 

How To Set Up An Audio Connection Between Speaker And PS? 

Many of you have had a doubt about how to connect your Playstation to your speakers. We have a perfect guide for you all. 

You can set up the connection between your speakers and the Play station using two ways-  by connecting the console directly to your speakers with the help of an optical audio cable or an audio extractor. The next method is to connect your controller to your headphones through an auxiliary cable. 

Both of these methods are described as follows-

#1. Using an Optical Audio Cable-

First of all, get yourself an optical audio cable that comes in a hexagonal plastic mouth shape and has a small connecting jack in the center. 

Now plug in the audio cable inside the output port of your speaker. The port here is the end of the optical cable. In case your speaker has no output port, use an optical adapter in this case. Now insert the other end of your cable into your monitor or device. After this, turn on your device, and check the incoming audio from the cable. If you are unable to receive the audio, just restart your device and it will be sorted.

#2. Using an Audio Extractor

Get an audio extractor to use in the process. It is generally made up of 2 HDMI ports on either side, along with an audio out port.

Use an audio cable also to connect the extractor with your speakers. The cable should have similar output and input ports as that of the speaker’s and extractor’s audio ports.

Also, get an additional HDMI cable to secure the connection. Connect your monitor with the audio extractor using the HDMI cable and make the connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if I do not have any output audio on my Monitor?

If you have a monitor with in-built speakers, then you do not need to use any external circuitry to get audio output from your monitor. All you need to do is just enable your monitor’s in-built speakers and check the outgoing audio quality. 

To enable the speakers, refer to one of the above sections where we have discussed a step-by-step guide to make that happen. If you are okay with the sound quality, then well n good. But if you feel the need for high-quality definition audio, use external speakers and connect it to the monitor.  

Does my monitor have speakers?

If you are using the latest versions of the monitors, you might have in-built speakers on them. You can enjoy listening to your favorite audio and music without the need for any external speakers. However, the older versions of monitors do lack speakers due to which the user had to connect external devices to get the sound output from them.

Which all are the best working monitors to date?

The best working monitors are selected based on their performance, stability, and other important characteristics. Therefore, we have a list of some of the best monitors that you can have for your daily use. The list is as follows-

  • Alienware AW3420DW
  • Sceptre
  • HP VH240a
  • Dell S2418H
  • AOC C24G1
  • Dell UltraSharp U2720Q
  • LG 27UL500-W
  • Acer R271


Connecting speakers to your monitor externally are no such deal. The older versions of the monitors or the PC do lack the in-built speakers or the audio cards due to which extracting audio from the device was difficult. Thankfully, the latest models have this issue resolved automatically. Dealing with these issues can be worse. So, we have some interesting steps and methods through which you can fix this issue without wasting hours on your monitor and stuck with it. Just keep these methods handy while fixing this issue and you can do it within a minute or more. Hopefully, the methods above were of great use to you. Leave your comments below in case you find any issues.

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