How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable? Legitimate Solution

How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable? DNS servers maintains a list of all the visited domains by the users in the form of a recorded history. Visiting same websites repeatedly is now a faster process than earlier. This is because the client’s request access is passed directly to the internet by the router without taking DNS servers into account. Thus, it saves time to configure the request through DNS servers as an intermediate. 

The internet available today is more resilient than it used to be in the past years. They ensure non-redundant processes are to be carried out and the resources are now widely distributed according to the requirements. Surfing over the internet without any interruption is what we are accustomed to. Due to this, errors such as dns server unavailable wifi seems to be a lot more infuriating and disturbing at the same time. 

There can be an ample number of reasons through which the error occurs abruptly. It can be your cache history needs refreshing, or perhaps the router is not functioning properly. There is a list of different solutions related to the root cause of the problem. We have a list of such solutions that can help you to get the answer for your question – how to fix dns server unavailable. Go through the solutions below, try them and get the relevant results. 

How Do DNS Servers Work? 

The working of DNS serves is a level-wise procedure that is complicated to get easily. The process is divided into different levels or categories accordin0g to which it is being carried out. One should have prior knowledge to get deep into its work. Despite these issues, one can go through the boundaries of the ongoing processes within the server. Here is the level-wise processing that takes place within the servers.

Matching The Domain Name

 Whenever a user requests for a particular URL, the DNS server converts the given URL into an IP address that is to be recognized by the internet. The search is then passed on to the internet to get the desired URL.

Operation of Root Server

The request then passes on to the DNS resolver, which is then used as a root server for the request. A root server is used to keep a track of the entire DNS server’s information. The root server remains the same all across the world.

Sending Queries To Root Server

The query then passes on to a root server. Various root servers are running across the globe. The location of these root servers is divided in a way to maintain a constant DNS server ratio. The DNS server is then sent on to the nearest root server available within your location.

Operation Of Top-Level Domain Server

This step involves keeping a track record of all the second or mid-level domains. All these mid-level domains are usually associated with the highest-level domain servers. As soon as your DNS request is passed on to these high-level servers, your DNS will be assigned an IP address for your domain server.

Domain’s Name Server

Your  DNS recursive resolver’s request is then accepted by the name of the domain. After this, the DNS server then verifies the IP address and the domain name. The verification result is then passed on to your DNS recursive resolver.

Using The Website

Once the DNS server is ready with the IP address of the requested website, the users can now access the website that matches the requested URL.

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How To Fix “DNS Server Unavailable” Error?

This error is faced by multiple users that say DNS server is unavailable and they are unaware of the methods of how to fix DNS server unavailable. Changing browsers is the common practice we all try to fix the DNS server unavailable wifi error. You should try on with other methods to fix the problem. Follow the below methods and carry them out.

Reset TCP/IP Through The Netsh command

Use netsh command to fix the error-

  • Press Windows+ X keys to open the command box. Open command prompt from the list available on the screen. You can use PowerShell if the command prompt is not available.
  • Once the command window pops up, type “netsh int IP reset” command and press the enter key. 

After following these two basic steps, check if the error is fixed. If not, proceed to the below methods.

 Run the Internet Connections and Network Adapter troubleshooters

  • Click on the Settings option and then select the update and security feature.
  • From the left panel, select the troubleshoot feature and then select the additional feature option from the right panel. How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable
  • Now select the internet connection option to view all the available features. Click on the run the troubleshooter button to start the process.How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to diagnose the problems within your internet connection.
  • If the network is stable and fine, repeat the process with Network adapters listed in the additional troubleshooter list.
  • Using this process, you can diagnose the troubles within your network connection and the network adapters. 
  • Try fixing the problem and if this method does not work, try another method.

Make sure That The DNS is Obtained Automatically

  • Open the Run command using the Windows+ R shortcut keys. In the dialog box that opens up, type ncpa. cpl. How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable
  • Click on your network connection, right-click on it and then select the Properties option.
  • From the window that appears on the screen, select IPv4/TCP. They are the Internet Protocol version 4. Click on it and then go to properties.
  • Click on the option that says obtain DNS server automatically and then click OK.How To Fix DNS Server Unavailable
  • As done earlier, now you need to select IPv6/TCP. That is the Internet Protocol Version 6. And click on the properties section. 
  • Do the same for this also. Select the option saying obtain DNS server automatically and click ok.
  • Now check if the error is still occurring. Hopefully, it must be eliminated by now. 

Enter the IP address manually

If the above method was of no use and you are still facing a DNS server unavailable wifi error, you must try this method where you need to select an IP address. You will configure our network using the selected IP address. 

  • Open the Run command using the Windows+ R shortcut keys. In the dialog box that opens up, type ncpa. Cpl.
  • Visit the network and internet settings option, navigate to your network and click on the properties section.
  • From the window that appears on the screen, select IPv4/TCP. They are the Internet Protocol version 4. Click on it and then go to properties.
  • In the next window, you will see multiple navigation tabs. Click on the General tab and select the second option that is “Use the following IP address option. 
  • Now enter the related IP address and other details in the field boxes given below. You need to have fours things- IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, Preferred DNS server, and Alternate DNS server.
  • After entering all the relevant field boxes, click on Ok to save the changes
  • If you are not aware of the absolute values of these numbers, you can have a check the configuration of any other device.

By now, your problem must be resolved and you will have a stable and smooth internet connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I avoid this “your dns server might be unavailable” issue on my device?

Facing this issue, is the 

worst thing you can ever face with your connection. These issues can be fixed, but still why to land yourself into the troble. You can simply avoid the error by taking care of some things. They are as follows-

  • Make sure that  all your software, drivers, and other applications are updated to their latest versions.
  • Use the network diagnostics to keep a record of the working components of your system. 
  • Monitor the health and infrastructure of your device regularly to avoid any error.

Does the problem has anything to do with my Antivirus software installed on the device?

Yes, sometimes the network error and this issue occurs due to the antivirus software installed on your device. The antivirus or the anti-malware software plays a major role in producing this error. The antivirus programs gets in a conflict with your DNS server. The program does not res[pond to the server due to which you face such errors. To fix this, you should attempt a try to remove unwanted security programs to ensure that the DN S servers respond correctly to the client’s request. 

What can be the other reasons due to which the dns server unavailable issue occurs?

There can be two-sided reasons due to which the users may face this issue on their device. They are-

  • The problem lies within the ISP’s side: The ISPs may face issues such as no electricity, DNS server not responding, ongoing technical processes, etc. Due to these issue, the error occurs on the user’s device and they are unable to get connected with the internet. 
  • The problem lies within the customer’s side: On the other hand, the customer’s may face problems such as slow and unstable internet, problems with router’s configuration and parameters, faulty drivers, etc.

Final Verdict

Fixing DNS server might be unavailable is quite necessary as it throws multiple errors and declines your request to get connected with the internet. This guide includes some really important troubleshooting methods that helps you to get a better solution for your how to fix dns server unavailable and why is my dns server unavailable questions. The methods are pretty straightforward and one can easily apply them to their desktops to get the desired result. Their is no need to seek help from others as you can just follow the steps and get your work done. Hopefully, you have successfully resolved this issue using either of the methods. Drop your queries in the comment section below in case you have any. 

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