How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Increasing modernization in technology has changed the perspective of the users. Laptops are the handiest electronic device that lets you complete all your tasks. It has become a necessity for all of us that seek interest in the IT industry or for tech-savvy users. Technology has transformed the working style of every user out there. Everyone has their personal laptop devices that are used for both personal and professional work.

A laptop is a portable device that allows you to carry it anywhere you want. But besides this, taking your charger along with it is the biggest headache that everyone faces. Also, being on your laptop and working on something really important is already infuriating. And, looking towards the drained battery pop-up alerts can be a lot more frustrating. So, at this stage, what you need is to know how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop. 

This is because, if you do not have a charger, then charging and using your laptop will be impossible. Still, you have many alternatives to solve this issue. You can use a variety of external sources such as HDMI cables, external charger adapters, USB devices, AC adaptors, super batteries, etc. So, read the sections given in this article to learn different techniques and ways to know how to charge a laptop battery manually.

Ways To Charge Laptop Battery Manually:

The laptop batteries do need a backup to charge them every time the battery gets exhausted. With the increased usage, people need to charge their laptop batteries very often. However, it is not always feasible to carry the laptop charger anywhere you go. It thus makes you dependent on your laptop charger to charge the laptop battery directly. So, here we have the best ways to learn how to charge a laptop battery manually.

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#1. Use a USB Device To Charge The Laptop Battery

How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

USB is a peripheral device used to establish specifications for cables, connectors, protocols, communication, and power supply between computers, peripherals, and other computers. It plugs into your device using the USB port. It performs multiple functions for which it is an all-in-one solution for all problems. 

USB has another interesting feature that it offers laptop charging as well. Laptops do have different in-built ports to support access to such devices. Some of them support charging whereas the other ports are responsible for the file transfer and to share data between the connected devices. A, B, and C are the major ports that come within the laptops. A-type ports are used to transmit the output to other devices. This means that you can seek the power output to charges your devices such as mobile phones, power banks, or the ones that have an A-type port. Whereas, the remaining 2 ports take power source as an input. Through these ports, you can charge your laptop using external circuitry devices such as power banks, USB cables, etc.

The other way round to charge your external batteries is using the HDMI cables. To use the HDMI cable for charging the laptop, one must need an adapter to connect both the HDMI and the USB cables to provide the input [power supply. Also, one thing that you must take care of while using the external devices is the power supply voltage. The input power provided to the laptop should be sufficient enough to charge the laptop. 

The required power input should lie between 60W-100W at an input voltage of 20V.

#2. Through A Universal Power Adapter

The universal power adapter is the other most important device that lets you charge your laptop batteries whenever it goes out of power. They supply power as an external source that charges your laptop batteries immediately after being connected. Some of the laptop manufacturing companies also use these power adapted while developing the batteries. All you need to do is just connect your laptop battery to the adapter and provide a power supply to the adapter. These adapters cost you way less than any other input power source. 

But, this method also has some limitations that you must be aware of. One problem is the adapter’s compatibility. Before getting an adapter, you must check the compatibility for the adapter to be compatible with the adapter. Also, the power adapters are a temporary solution. One can use these power adapters in emergencies. The over usage of any power adapter can be risky in some conditions.

#3. Using An External Battery Charger

How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

An external battery charger is another source to charge laptop batteries without a laptop. These external battery chargers can be used as third-party adapters to charge up all your electronic devices, especially the ones that consume high power. Every other company has its external battery chargers available in the market. However, you cannot plug in the external battery charger directly to your laptop. Instead, you must remove the original battery from your laptop and should connect the external battery to your laptop. Once the connection is made, you can now connect the charger to the external electrical circuitry. As your laptop gets charged, break the connection and install the battery on your laptop. The chargers are available for different types and brands. 

Also, before using the method, you must be confident enough to remove your laptop battery efficiently. Otherwise, the process can damage the performance of your device. 

#4. Using AC Adapters

AC adapter is a source of an external power supply that converts the AC to DC which is then supplied to the electronic devices. Almost every laptop has an attachment available for the AC adapters. The laptops do have in-built adapter ports. But in case, your laptop does not have any, then you must contact your manufacturer to do so. To use the adapter, plugin and connect the adapter to your laptop through the relevant port and provide an external power supply.

#5. Use of Super Batteries

The super batteries are the other most usable way through which you can use them as an alternative to charging your laptop batteries without the charger. These super batteries allow the users to work with their laptop for about 8-10 hours continuously. This is because these super batteries do have a long-running time. Using the super batteries can be a lot more convenient as they can increase the working hours for your laptop battery. At times, when you travel and do not have the access to charge your laptop, then you can install the super batteries onto your device to enhance its performance. To use the super battery, you must replace your laptop’s battery with the super battery. Remove the original battery and place the super battery in its place and it provides a backup for around 7 hours. Working on your laptop will be much easier with the super batteries.

#6. Using Solar Energy

Solar energy is in high demand to meet the power requirements for the users. Solar cells are capable enough to fulfill the needs for electricity across the globe. Charging kits are now the most popular charging devices. It prevents you from getting into the hustle to find the right outlet switch to plug in your device. These solar charging kits are used to charge your laptops directly without using the original charger. The solar charging kit consumes power from the solar panel. These kits play a major role to protect your device from the potential damage that can be caused due to high input voltage. 

The solar kit comprises a foldable solar panel and a couple of batteries. They are designed to create different photo-voltaic cells that are foldable. You cannot charge your laptops directly with the solar charger. Instead, you must charge the solar kit’s battery with the solar panel kit and then connect the battery to your laptop to invoke the charging process. The kits are multipurpose and are used to charge both AC and DC type devices, making your task even simpler. One solar charger has enough power to charge a laptop 2-3 times within a single take. In short, the solar kits are economical and even yield to a better and enhanced productivity of your device. 

#7. Using Power Bank To Charge The Battery

How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

The power bank is a one-stop and the easiest solution to charge your laptop battery instantly. It is the most feasible method that the users can opt to ensure charging and a battery with long life. The laptops are designed to have different ports that let the users have the power in and out of the device. You must opt for the power banks that offer maximum power so that they can charge up your devices easily. Usually, a c-port is used to input the power in the device. Also, before getting the power bank, you must check the compatibility of the power banks with your AC adapters. So, check the specifications and get the relevant power bank to charge up your device instantly. 

What About Non-Removable Internal Batteries? 

Almost all the latest laptop models are designed with undetachable laptop batteries. These are the generally preferred laptop models as they are sleek and smart enough to make them look good. This means that you cannot remove the battery from your laptop to charge it externally. This may be the biggest threat for the ones who find difficulty in charging their laptops through the designated laptop chargers. So, if you have such laptops with undetachable batteries, then you can’t charge laptop batteries without a laptop unless you are a technician. 

Even if by chance, you wish to operate your laptop, then you will require another functioning laptop along with experience for opening and fixing the laptop batteries. Also, indulging yourself in opening and fixing the batteries will require some special equipment for taking out the batteries, and charging them externally will cost you more than your expectations. 

Moreover, if you are an expert and wish to remove your laptop’s battery and create a contraption having the voltage and current ratings similar to that of your laptop, then you can charge our laptop’s battering instantly. 

However, we recommend you resist charging the laptop battery externally. This is because using the batteries externally could be very dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Now, let us discuss some of the most frequently asked questions. Read these questions and get the answers to your questions instantly. 

What can be the reasons for my laptop battery malfunctioning?

Every battery-operated device has its charging cycle after which all the chemicals of the battery start demeaning. Any degraded battery cannot function and store up the charge provided. Due to this, the battery becomes inefficient and delivers a degraded performance to the users. Apart from this, there are many more reasons that deteriorate the life of your laptop battery. Some of these reasons are as follows-

  • Operate your device at a high temperature
  • Continuously discharge the battery while using the device
  • Use the laptop for long durations

How can I extend the battery life of my laptop?

To consume most of your laptop’s battery, you should operate it in between 40-80%. Charging the laptop battery when it is drained completely can reduce the lifetime of your laptop battery. It even increases the damage risk for your device. Thus, keeping your battery charged above 40% can be the perfect battery percentage that you can take. Here are the following preventions that you can take to save your laptop’s battery life. 

  • Never Heat Your Battery

  • Prevent Sunlight Exposure

  • Never Mix Up Wires

Does sunlight exposure damage my laptop device?

The sunlight exposure damages your laptop’s battery directly. Any electronic device such as a laptop is not designed to withstand the UV ray’s impact. Instead, it is highly recommended to keep your laptop devices away from direct sunlight. 

Final Verdict:

You might have faced the problem very often where you are supposed to charge the laptop battery directly. Hopefully, the above steps and methods have helped you to charge your laptop’s battery externally. There are two simple ways to do so. Open the laptop, dismount the parts and charge them individually. Also, this is a highly sensitive process if you are not familiar with and used to with the electronic parts. Since the batteries are volatile objects, they do come with different warnings to be handled with care. Therefore playing around with these batteries without any prior knowledge would lead to different technical issues. We hope that this has helped you to work with your laptops. Do let us know your queries in the comment section if you have any.

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