How To Fix File System Error (-805305975) When Opening Images

Technical error while you are working on your computer is a common issue many of us face. Different types of error may come up and unless you are familiar with the codes, it is often difficult to recognize the issue and take the necessary steps. One such issue is the file system error (-805305975) which often occurs in many laptops as well as desktops. It is an error you get when trying to open an image file and it has been corrupted. The problem mainly occurs with .jpg or .jpeg files.

Often a new update or any new configuration is the reason behind the error. In case the changes are not compatible with the device or a major system file got damaged, the error message file system error 805305975 comes up.

Once you find out the reason behind the error, you can find the relevant solution to it. In this article, we are going to share the different fixes for the error and also how to recognise the corrupted file that is causing the problem. Read on to find out the different ways to fix the error and get your device up and running in no time.

Steps To Fix File System Error

It is common to face a file system error while operating your computer. If there is any problem while you try to open a jpeg file an error message will pop up on your screen as an indication. This kind of file system error can happen for several reasons but the most common cause is due to malfunction and corrupted files or for a window update. Other than these two reasons there are a few more factors responsible for the file system error (-8053. We will discuss these causes so that you can avoid these mistakes in the future.

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Update your Windows

In some cases a window update can cause this error message, this case happened for the Microsoft update a few months back. To resolve this issue the users run the window update again and install the latest version. For running the window updates you need to follow these simple steps.

  • Click on the start option and find the setting option in it.
  • Navigate through settings and click on the Update & Security option on the lower left-hand side of the window.
  • Press on windows update and click on the check for updates option below.
  • Now the window will be updated successfully.

Check For Corrupt File 

Corrupt files are the prime reason behind the pop-up system error message. To fix this problem follow these steps carefully.

  • Search for file explorer from your start menu.
  • Right-click on the drives located on your PC. Select the drive where the troubled files are stored that you are unable to open.   
  • Select the properties option in the drive and select the Tools tab. Under the Tool tab, you will find error checking with a check option. 
  • Press on the check option and next press on the san drive option. Once you click on the scan drive your file will automatically start scanning which will go on for 1 min maximum depending on your computer speed. The scanning will undo the corrupted data and will fix the error file.
  • After the scan is complete, reboot your computer to complete the process.

Upgrade to Window 10 

If neither of the above solutions worked then probably the problem is because of your older window version. Often the new applications are not compatible with the older versions and hence updating the device is the only option left. Hence, upgrade your window 10 features to the latest version and to do that you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Press on the start option and select settings from the menu.
  • Select the Update & Security option from the windows setting.
  • Scrolling halfway down the window you will find a Feature update to Windows 10, 1909 version. Hit download and install now to start the updating process.
  • The computer will start downloading the window 10 upgrade and the whole process will take a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • Once the download is done it will automatically start to install the upgrade in your system
  • After the installation is done update status will be restarted now, reboot your computer to complete the process.

Re-Download And Relocate Your File 

The malicious file can be caused during the transfer of the file which can be the cause behind the file error. Corruption is more common when you download your file from the internet as it will be more exposed to harmful viruses. To avoid such a problem, re-download the same file and save it in a different location of your device.  If the error message still pops out you need to check whether it is due to the machine or the source of the file.

These are the few reasons you face file system errors.  The file system can be due to any of the reasons mentioned above. It is best to check for file corruption before you try any of the other solutions. If it still doesn’t work try to check on the reasons alternatively listed above to solve your file system error problem.


The file system error (-8053 is a fairly common error but with the right methods they can be solved quickly. Once you have mastered the methods to solve the issue mentioned above, you can quickly get your device up and running. The image viewing applications of the device are important and errors like file system error (-805305975 can make the task much more difficult. The new updates and configurations leading to such problems can be tackled easily though when you know the troubleshooting methods well. We hope the solutions shared here are useful to you and you can use your device consistently without any glitches again.

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