File System Error (-2147219196) On Windows 10

We all access and store images on our devices. But have you ever witnessed error messages as you try to open them? The file system error (-2147219196) pops up many times when you are trying to open specific images on your device. The reason behind the issue is varied.

Primarily when an image gets corrupted while transferring, the message crops up frequently. But you can solve the error in different ways without losing the file either. In this article, we have explored the different ways in which the problem can be solved along with the reasons which lead to the error.

What Causes File System Error (-2147219194)

The pop-up error message is familiar to many of us. You can find it appearing frequently before opening .jpeg,.jpg,.png which are image files. Now the question that arises is why we get this error message often while trying to open an image file. There are various reasons behind the cause of file system error -2147219196. 

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  •  It can be because the operating system has a bug.
  • It can be because of using a backdated window version.
  • Not installing the latest system updates.
  • In case the file gets corrupted.

6 Ways How to Fix File System Error (-2147219194)

There can be several reasons behind the pop-up error message that appears every time you want to open a file. So here are some of the remedies I have discussed below that can help you in fixing your file system error (-2147219194).

1. Try opening the file with another application

Opening your file with the help of a different application and resolving your problem. To do that follow the steps below.

  • Select the file that consists of a photo application.
  • Use Microsoft paint to open the image.
  • Now open the image file with the photo application.

If you still get an error message then it is probably the problem of the application. Uninstall the application and reinstall it once again.

2. Upgrade Your Window

Another way to resolve file system error -2147219196 is by upgrading your computer to the Windows 10 version. Follow these steps to upgrade to Windows 10.

  • Select the settings option by selecting the start button
  • Choose the update and security option.
  • In the updated security options page scroll down, you will find the Feature update to window 10, version 1909 press on the Download and install now option.
  • Your system will start downloading the feature update. This whole process will take 10 to 20 min.
  • Install the update once the download completes.

3. Do a system error check

A corrupted operating system could be the reason behind your file system error -2147219196. To fix that problem run a system error check by following these steps.

    • Search explorer in the start menu.
    • Now left-click on your PC below the Desktop option, next locate the troubled file from your drive.
    •  Press yes if you get a UAC prompt then click on scan drive. The machine will start scanning automatically.
  • Reboot your computer after the scan is over. Now try to open your image file.

4. Install the latest updates 

Installing the latest system updates can work as a cure for your file system error (-21472. If there is a virus or bug in the system it can be resolved during the update. Follow the steps below to update.

  • Select settings from the start menu.
  • Select the Windows Update option from settings and the system will start updating automatically.

5. Scan your system using SFC

SFC scan can help with checking a window 10 operating system. Follow the below step to run an SFC scan.

  • Type cmd from the start menu and select command prompt application.
  • Type the command SFC/scan now in the black screen that opens and click enter.
  • The scanner will start automatically and will continue scanning for 5 to 10 min.
  • You will get a message finding the corrupted file after the issue is resolved.
  • Reboot your computer. 

6. Start Indexing Trouble-Shooter

Check on your indexing service by running an index trouble-shooter. By following these simple steps find the indexing trouble-shooter.

  • The select setting from the start menu.
  • Select trouble-shooter in the left menu 
  • Click on the search and indexing option by scrolling down and clicking on the run trouble-shooter option to start the process.

Frequently Asked questions

How can I fix the File system error (-2018375670)?

  • Run a window update
  • Scan your file for any kind of bug or virus check
  • Scan using DISM
  • Put your window ten themes as the default
  • Run “chkdsk”
  • Your window store cache should be reset
  • Change your PC sound scheme

How do I check for file system errors?

First, you have to open your window explorer, now select the drive you want to check on. Now scroll down and click on properties at the bottom. Next, select tools and press the check button below you will find it on the error checking the menu. The scan will automatically start and it will take around 1 minute, once the scanning is complete you will get a message stating whether there is an error. If there is any error you will get to know it by clicking on the show details option.

Can a corrupted file be repaired?

Having a corrupted file in the system is unavoidable. The chances of repairing a corrupted file are not very high, but it can be done by some of these fixes.

  • Use CHKDSK command
  • Run SFC scanner
  • Update your window
  • Check disk your hardware
  • Repair your software
  • Change the format of the file

How do I fix a corrupt file that won’t open?

First, your document extension should be renamed. This will be a head start to fixing your corrupt file. Next, copy the error code in your notepad. Now open the renamed document extension with a notepad. Lastly, pause the progress and compress the progress, now try to open your corrupt file.

What causes a file system error?

Some of the main causes of file system error are.

  • Abrupt shutdown or start-up of your device
  • Failure of hardware
  • Due to a virus attack or corruption
  • Bad disk controller


The file system error (-2147219196) is annoying when you are trying to view your favourite pictures. Moreover, users get anxious about losing the file. However, when the different ways to solve the problem are mastered thoroughly, you can rest assured that the problem can be rectified. Keeping in mind the solutions shared above, we hope you can now smoothly access your image files without disruption.

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