How to fix the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error in Google Chrome

When working on the internet, there can be several glitches that can occur. One of the most frequent issues that crop up is the err_network_changed. It primarily occurs on Google Chrome. Internet users face a variety of issues with the connection but when you know the root causes behind the problem, solving it becomes easy. When you do not know the issue with the browser, the error can become a hassle and cause a lot of hindrance in your work. 

This article will give you the best idea about what err_network_changed chrome means. Also, the reasons behind the issue are explained in this article and the relevant troubleshooting is shared. Once the problems are solved, you can make the most of the internet service without any glitches. So read on and find out all the required solutions.

What does the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error mean? 

When put simply, the err_network_changed will deny access to certain web pages that the user is trying to open through Google Chrome. It will not load properly or there will be a much higher load time. Eventually, an error message said “Unable to access the network. ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” or “Your connection was interrupted. A network change was detected. Check your internet connection.” will appear on the screen. It is a recurring error that can affect any website that you are trying to open. It means the problem will keep cropping up unless you have solved the main issue behind it. To do so, finding out the reasons behind this error message is important.

It is essential to solving this issue as it affects the most frequented websites as well and eventually working on the internet can become impossible. As you will be unable to access any of the web pages that you normally use, the problem is quite troublesome.

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There are several reasons behind the “your connection was interrupted a network change was detected. err_network_changed” error and you can solve it only when you are aware of the causes. Primarily Google Chrome experiences this error when it detects a change in the IP address of the device. Every device on the network is assigned a specific IP address that is required to connect to the internet. However, the ISP or Internet Service Provider and website owners may pose certain restrictions based on the IP address trying to access the website. In such a situation the message err network changed pops up.

Often users use a VPN to access websites that restrict different locations and IP addresses. This has become a common practice today. However, the use of VPN can also interfere with the network connection and eventually you will get such an error message.

Irrespective of the reason behind the issue, we have shared some quick fixes which you can use for your device. Once they are implemented correctly, you can solve the problem in no time at all.

Fixes to the ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error in Google Chrome 

Any internet user faces the problem of Error Network change error while accessing Google Chrome.  Typically, this problem will obstruct the user from accessing their webpage resulting in an error message. Here are some of the fixes that you can try to fix this error.

#1 Reboot Your Modem

This is the easiest solution which is why many of us overlook it and take the hard way to fix the problem.  The problem may have occurred due to some technical glitch or internal issues which is quite common. In that case, the professionals also advise restarting the modem once you have fixed this error. This would save them time and money for calling a technician and it can be done by anyone.

#2 Check on the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection 

We all know that to get access to the internet the router needs to be connected through an Ethernet cable if it is wired or a Wi-Fi in as of wireless. In some devices, there is only one way to connect to the internet whether it’s wired or non-wired. But in many routers, you can enable both wireless and wired connections at a time. If you get an error message, make sure to check your P and if both the connection is enabled then this is the route of your problem. As the connection gets changed from wired to non-wired frequently the Error Network Error occurs.

To get rid of this problem the only solution is to choose any one way to connect to your router. Either remove the ethernet cable or disable the Wi-Fi option so that you can get a steady and uninterrupted internet connection.

#3 Disable your proxy server


The VPN or the proxy server is used to deflect the internet so that one can easily open the restricted websites or content. So, it is apparent that using a VPN, for this reason, is quite a risky choice and can be the reason why you are getting an error message every time. To avoid the error message, disabling the proxy server is the only option. Here are the steps you need to follow to do that.

Steps disable VPN in window 10:

  • Navigate through the start menu and click on the Settings option.
  • Under the setting choose Network & Internet option.
  • Scroll through the Proxy Tab and disable all the setup under it.

Steps to disable VPN in Mac:


  • Click on the apple logo on the left corner on the top of the window and select System Preference from the menu.
  • Select network under the System Preference.
  • Select the Wi-Fi option you are connected to.
  • Press on the Advanced option.
  • Under the advanced option select the proxy tab. Make sure all the proxy setups are unticked and press the OK option.

#4 Remove All The Old Browsing History And Cache Data From Chrome

It is important to clear the cache data once in a while. These memories are just the repetition of the data and take up a lot of unnecessary space and slow up your computer. The cache data is just temporary and needs to be removed frequently to avoid the pop-up error message.


  • There are three dots on the top right corner of your chrome window select that option to browse the history tab. Or you can press Ctrl H for windows or Command Y as a shortcut to the history tab.
  • Once you are in, navigate through the left panel menu of options and select the Clear browsing data.
  • This will direct you to a new window where you have to set a time range. Either select on all-time or the beginning of time this will depend on your Chrome version.
  • In addition, also tick on boxes beside the Browsing history, Cached image and files and cookies and other data and click OK. So that you can clear all the unnecessary data at the same time.
  • After you follow all these steps reboot your device and try connecting to your internet.

#5 Clear the DNS Cache 

Follow these simple steps to get rid of the DNS Cache.

  • First, open the power user menu by pressing Windows Key +X.
  • Press on the Command Prompt.
  • Type the command ipconfig/flushdns and press enter.
  • Reboot your device and try to reload the page once again.

#6 Re-enable Your Network Adaptor

The network error due to the network adaptor generally occurs in the case of windows. Here are the steps to fix this issue.

  • Press on the start option and select device manager.
  • Navigate through the device manager and select the network adapter option.
  • Select the adaptor you are using currently. Disable and again re-enable the adaptor.
  • Try reloading the webpage again.

#7 Reset the TCP/IP

In case cleaning the DNS, the cache does not work, you can try this specific fix after that. Resetting the TCP/IP is likely to clean all the default settings related to DNS and TCP/IP and hence the problems associated with it will also cease. The following are the steps to reset the TCP/IP in case you face err_network_changed:

  • Press the windows key+X and the power user menu will open.
  • Click on the command prompt (admin) which is an option available in this menu.
  • Type the following commands one after the other in the window that opens:
    • ipconfig/release and hit enter
    • ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter
    • ipconfig/renew and hit enter
  • Re-open the command prompt once more and then type this message as well: ipconfig/flushdns, nbtstat – r, netsh int ip reset, netsh winsock reset
  • Once you have done so press the enter key.
  • Reboot the device and then try reloading the websites you were trying to open. Rebooting the system puts the changes to action and you will be able to access the websites without the error message showing up.

#8 Disable the Power saver mode

Often the power saver mode of the device interferes with the internet connection and prevents certain websites from opening. It causes major disturbances with the network connection that tends to draw more power. The power saver mode is available on Windows 10 and is often enabled by default. To prevent the problem, you can follow the steps shared below and eliminate the issue once and for all:

  • Click on the start button and then go to the Device Manager of your PC.
  • There is the network adaptor option on the homepage of the window that opens next. Right-click on that and then select the Properties.
  • Next, go to the power management tabs available within the windows that open after selecting properties.
  • Here you will find a checkbox “Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power”. Uncheck it.
  • Click on OK to save the changes made and then try to reload the webpage. The issue is likely to be solved by now.

#9 Try the Google DNS

The DNS settings of your internet connection can majorly affect the network connection and hence you will not be able to access the websites. This eventually results in error messages and time out connections.

The DNS is under the TCP/IP protocol settings of your PC. You can change the DNS server details and the process is different as well. It is based on the operating system that is running on your PC. Using a reliable DNS server like the Google DNS is essential for this specific error. In case the problem persists, delete all the manual DNS servers and use the default one provided by your ISP for future network connections.

#10 Contact the ISP

When all the fixes fail the last option will be to contact the ISP and find out whether the specific websites are made inaccessible from their end. Moreover, they can also solve the issue by doing certain backend changes that will help you access those websites. However, in most cases, the err_network_changed issue can be solved quickly and effectively without waiting for help from your ISP, provided the steps to fix the issue are followed diligently.


The error “your connection was interrupted err_network_changed” is a major and frequent issue that users complain about. But when you know the various fixes to the error, you can solve it for good. Basic technical knowledge along with a thorough understanding of the reason behind the issue will help you solve the error in no time. The Chrome users will be able to consistently use the internet and access their favourite websites without facing the err_network_changed when they implement the solutions we have shared above. We hope the solutions will be easy enough to use for every user and you will be able to access the internet without any interruption once more.

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