About Us

The Sixa is an all-round solution to every technological related queries you have. Illustrative instructions on all problems related to different Windows and other OS technical glitches are now available for you. Get instant help for any complex technical issues even if you have beginner level or no skills in technology.

Our aim is to give the instructions in the simplest language and as comprehensively as possible so even a tech-novice can get the gist.

Have a question? Just drop a comment and we will be giving the solution for your tech queries next. Here is what we do:

We Provide Accurate & Simplified Solutions

The information over the internet is often scattered. Sometimes you look for a specific issue only to find every other solution related but not the same. The situation sounds familiar, right? When your device is crashing and you have tons of work at hand, this is not the most pleasant experience. Sixa gives you an answer to every query crisply and concisely. Thus, the solutions can be executed efficiently.

We Build your Knowledge Base

We all have a nerdy side that is forever curious to know more. It does not always have to be a problem you face to visit our website. Satiate your thirst for technical know-how that may eventually come in handy in the practical world too. In the meantime, if you have any queries, you can always drop a text by filling up the form and we will do our best to solve your queries.

Author Bio

“Brady Moore” is the founder and the admin for “Sixa.io”. His curiosity to every nitty-gritty of the different Operating Systems and their hacks made him see the problem. With many different websites giving complex instructions and often contradicting ones, he realized the need for a simpler and authentic approach. Together with his passion to write, he came up with the idea of ‘website name’ for all such technical queries.

Apart from this website, he is also a cyber security expert and a part-time web developer and blogger since 2017. He has expertise in various how to’s and ways to earn money online. Get the latest technological tips for various OS. Apart from this, he is also proficient in digital marketing and you can get useful titbits and suggestions to up your digital marketing game.

He aims to become one of the top tech bloggers of all time and is striving towards fulfilling it. The blogs have all-around information on various technical aspects and he strives to add more value to it. He believes in sharing knowledge only enhances our intellect and hence, doesn’t hold back as he shares some effective shortcuts and the latest technical tricks.

In short, Brady can be your go-to person for anything technical and rest assured that you will get illustrated solutions for every issue. He is further expanding the content base of the ‘website name’ so that it can meet your requirements in every aspect. Hailing from a simple family of academic background, his interest in the subject has made the website enriched further.